The Time for the Planet Action Galaxy

Publié le April 28, 2021


1. You can act ALREADY: our needs

Are you a shareholder of Time for the Planet and you’d like to use your skills to help? Strap yourself in, take your seat in the space ship and launch off to the Time for the Planet Action Galaxy!

We imagine that, just like everybody else, you have already been “subjected” to a lot of blah blah from humanitarian, corporate and charitable organizations. You know, the ones that talk and make a lot of noise but, in reality, do nothing useful or concrete whatsoever!

So, we can reassure you that if you would like to help in our Action Galaxy, it will only involve implementing concrete actions that respond to real needs and with like-minded people. Our moto is “I do, therefore I am”.

Yep, because we’ve got plenty of ideas to sift through already! Between the IPCC reports, the hundreds of Janco, Pablo and Co reports, and the huge pile of our own initiatives needed to carry out the project, we think that we’ve got plenty to do already. We don’t need any extra blah blah!. What counts now is to act as quickly as possible. So, you can forget straightaway the idea that we are going to tell you what to do! Sorry to say, there is no to-do list here. However, we are certain that you have some very handy skills to boost Time for the Planet’s chances of success!

To learn all about it, you can register for one of Action Galaxy info sessions (it’s the little arrow on the right). But if you’d like to save half an hour, here is the ONE THING that you need to remember about our Galaxy needs: who is better placed than you to know what you can contribute to Time for the Planet? Nobody!

However, to act, you do need to know about Time for the Planet’s needs. It could not be simpler! To succeed in its mission, Time for the Planet has two requirements:

  • to become known worldwide, in order to find innovations and entrepreneurs;
  • to have massive funds to finance the innovations identified, as quickly as possible.

Et voilà as we say in French! And there it is, now you know how best to act with your knowledge, skills and networks. Many shareholders have already carried out actions to respond to these needs, by asking their employer to invest, by inviting us to present Time for the Planet in front of 250 people, by negotiating free poster campaigns, or even by doing a trip around France in a velomobile bearing Time for the Planet’s logo! Your only limit is your imagination!

2. Act as part of the (future) biggest global community dedicated to fighting against global warming

And now we can hear you saying “yes but hang on, what is this talk about an Action Galaxy?” Well, our galaxy is the space that represents an international-sized community, where skills are pooled to fight against climate change and action is prioritized over blah blah!

In this galaxy, each person who completes an action that responds to a need, thanks to their skill set is known as a Quark. This is a nod to the smallest particle of matter known in the Universe.

You can also find the Gluons, individuals with great people skills, who match needs with skills. They spend their time meeting and greeting, putting others at ease and are responsible for finding people with the skill sets required to respond to needs expressed in this galaxy.

Additionally, you can become an Ambassador once your actions and time dedicated to implementing these useful actions (see “our needs”) are clearly recognized by the community!

Ambassadors will have acquired sufficient knowledge about Time for the Planet to be able to represent (not on a legal level) it at events.

Keepers, Planet leaders and Comet leaders are respectively responsible for implementing Time for the Planet, Planets and Comets. The Memory banks will chart our progress, present tools and deliver training when necessary.

Planets are networks of people possessing a shared characteristic:

  •  a professional skill (e.g.: photographer, graphic artist, lawyer etc.);
  • a geographical location (e.g.: Lyon, a region of France or even Singapore);
  • belonging to a pre-existing organization (e.g.: University X, Association Y or company Z).

Planets and their inhabitants do not take action. Instead, they inspire each other, talk and meet up. Their main aim is to: get bigger.

Don’t worry if you take part in one or more Planets but are not involved in any initiatives. That’s normal and due to the absence of needs corresponding to your profile. On the other hand, as soon as a need arises and you could respond to it, we will come to look for you! We will take care of everything on your behalf!

All action takes place in the Comets. A Comet represents an action implemented by one or several persons, responding to a Time for the Planet need. Because of this, its existence has a time limit. Once the action is finished, the Comet will disappear from the Galaxy’s skyline.

Then, in the distance from us, there are the Stars. The Stars are the subsidiaries that Time for the Planet aims to create. They are very faraway and you will not have any interaction with them. These are business projects, led by persons recruited for that purpose.

To wrap up this brief presentation, if you’d like to take concrete action, you can get started by coming to chat in our Galaxy and ask questions. Register today :-)

Article proofread and edited by Adeline H. – Quark Time for the Planet

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