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Help us raise 1 billion euros to create 100 companies fighting against the global warming.

Each share can be bought for 1 euro. Do you want to know more about the partner status?


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5 000 000 €

Second step : 5 000 000 €

Time for the Planet has exceeded its first 3 stages: 300,000 € , 1 million € and 2 millions €.

There are now more than 14,000 shareholders, a finalized legal structure and an established scientific committee. Time for the Planet has grown into a large citizen community, ready for internationalization. We must now reach 5 million € to start the first 3 companies.

New :

Offer shares
to your loved ones

Act big

Invest in a project able to change the world


Your money is the leverage for Time for the Planet to create companies, working to save the planet.

A mission for the world

The only target of Time for the Planet is to save the planet. Our benefits will be used exclusively for this purpose. No revenues for our shareholders.


Our accounts are public. Our patents will be available for everyone without any compensation

How to become a shareholder?

Time for the Planet is a company that invests for the planet. You can become a partner by purchasing shares.

Each action costs 1 euro. You can acquire the number of shares that corresponds to your possibilities, desires and commitment.

You will be able to buy as many shares as you want, but also buy back at any time in the future (as long as there are any!).

Being shareholders...do we have any rights?

Votes rights

You will be able to vote or being candidate for the board, (decision structure for Time for the Planet). Vote according to one principle: one share = one vote


You can contribute/offer your expertise/skills by joining the Time for the Planet Action Galaxy

Time for the Planet: it is You !

You own a part of the company.

We are stronger together. Share the fight for the planet with your loved ones.

Give them a meaningful gift, offer them Time for the Planet shares.

The latest partners

Romain Courtial registered with 100 shares about 1 hour ago.

Julie Sauvain-Michel registered with 40 shares about 1 hour ago.

Daniele Kielmanowicz registered with 100 shares about 1 hour ago.

Time for the Planet is the first investment company with a mission, entirely dedicated to saving the planet. Our activity is supervised by the authority of the financial markets, in particular the Article 212-44 of the AMF general regulations.

We have written a Summary information document , when issuing new shares (those that you can therefore acquire via our website). The offer does not give rise to a prospectus subject to the approval of the AMF.