Launching event of the Climate dividend worldwide

This event is held in français.

When? May 20, 2022 15:00 Europe/Paris


Finally, a simple way to measure and compare the results of a financial investments in innovation that reduces CO2 emissions.Climate change is not the future. Climate change is here already. We can’t continue to wait. We need to limit the disaster now. Fighting climate change involves thousands of billion of investment in the innovation : we need to change the way we produce services and goods at a global scale. For that, investing in a company that reduces CO2 emission through innovation need to become a universal, and comparable asset. And this asset does not exist. But that was before the invention of the climate dividends. If today you want to know which investors had the best results in terms of financial return, you can get this information in seconds. If you want to know which startups have performed the best this year in terms of cash, you can get the information in seconds. Bu who can provide us with a map of the best investors for the Planet ? Which innovation, which startup has lead to the biggest amount of CO2 reductions in the world? Who are the real heros of the climate ? Nobody knows. And if you can’t measure, if you can”t compare, then you can’t take action. And this, now, is going to change. Meet Climate Dividends