Blue Greece

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Democratizing water and replacing plastic bottles by global and local community actions.

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Zero emissions
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Date de soumission November 08, 2021 Fondateurs Simon Meyer Lieu de développement Athens

Le projet en détails

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Quel est le problème résolu ?

Plastic water bottles are transported long distance. Even small Greek islands need millions of bottles per year. Water is privatized, water technology is privatized. Thirst exists. The current frames for innovation in Solar Water Technology are too narrow & disconnected.

Comment est-il résolu ?

Already more than 50 contributors have shaped the attached concept. Radically open innovation can bring Solar Drinking Water and local social beverage businesses to reality. The time is now to create an Open Source Ecosystem realized by local manufacturing.

Qui sont les clients potentiels ?

Beneficiaries are communities under water-stress with solar energy. Paying clients are people consuming the beverages. Contributors are anyone from any discipline in the world who is passionate about contributing to water.

En quoi cette solution est-elle différente ?

Steward-ownership, Open Source Hardware & Entrepreneurship, Interconnecting disciplines, Positive Branding, Social Beverage Business for revenues and empowerment. Unified development of solutions: location of innovation close to application.