Digital Basic Income

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The disruptive Christmas dream to overcoming poverty with artificial intelligence.

Submission date December 11, 2021 Founders Francesco Lentini Development location Reggio Calabria, Italy

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

The problem we want to solve with Digital Basic Income (DBI) is to reduce inequalities. DBI transforms your city into the best place to live, as if it were Christmas all year round, bringing at least $10 a day into your pockets and those of other residents.

How is the problem solved?

DBI is SaaS or AIaaS. The artificial intelligence is able to make money from “life stories”, learned from people’s voice. She transforms any oral or written narration into branded content, collects money from brands and distributes it in real time to citizens (less than start-up revenue).

What is the customer target?

The best place to live is a city in which basic individual needs - house, food, clothing, medical assistance, education - are guaranteed for everyone, without distinction between those who work and those who do not work.

How is this solution different?

Your basic income on digital devices speaks all languages and travels on 5G networks, but it can be generated by SMS and reach every corner of the planet. It leaves Africa in Swahili, to reach Paris with a sentence written in French and make a trip to New York with a synthesized voice in English.