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A data-driven approach to ESG investing that provides investors with actionable analytics.

Submission date December 14, 2021 Founders Stefano Lori Development location Antibes, France

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

ESG drives portfolio value but responsible investors have difficulties understanding ESG performance because of the complexity of the data.

How is the problem solved?

Analysing the ESG data with advanced machine learning techniques untangles the complexity and helps investors know which factors to focus on for responsible investments.

What is the customer target?

Responsible investors, from pension fund to boutique firms, that use ESG to inform their investment/divestment decisions and ecosystem of consultants, data providers and 3rd party services that help responsible investors to optimise their portfolios.

How is this solution different?

ESGnify is a cloud native and AI centered platform, supported by specialized machine learning models, that has been built on the back of deep industry knowledge and information from a diverse group of subject matter experts (see Eunoic in slides).