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Submitted to evaluations : After checking that an innovation is within the scope of the 20 issues Time for the Planet targets and that it has reached a sufficient maturity, the innovation is being assessed.

Turning waste streams into electricity and doing so, capture CO2 and burry it.

Submission date March 06, 2022 Founders Andreas Schmid Development location Grindel, Switzerland

Detailed project

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What is the issue addressed?

Climate change, air polution, waste streams, energy demand

How is the problem solved?

ECSES can help on different levels. By intergrating new technologies into known processes, we can increase total efficiency. Taking CO2 out of the atmosphere we directly help the climate. Giving power and heat in the winter we solve energetic problems. We generate jobs in new markets.

What is the customer target?

Industries, larger communities, cities needing large amount of green power.

How is this solution different?

Integrated, decentralized solution with the potential to bridge the energy gap. ECSES looks at the whole picture and is highly scalable. ECSES perfectly complements alternative energy sources like wind and solar power.