Help Martin Bataille to save our planet.

Since May 03, 2021, Martin Bataille is part of Time for the Planet journey, the only nonprofit company fighting against climate change.

You can also join the movement to fight against climate change on a large scale.

50 €
invested by Martin's close ones
Martin close ones have joined Time for the Planet

Be a part of the journey from one euro! Find out more about shareholder status.

Time for the Planet, it's already :


already gathered



10 000 000 €

Join Martin's close ones who are already part of the project.

How can you become a shareholder?

Our company, Time for the Planet is divided into a billion numbered shares. One share costs one euro.

You can purchase as many shares as you want, now or in the future (as long as there are any left to buy !)

Being we have any rights?

Votes rights

You will be able to vote or being candidate for the board, (decision structure for Time for the Planet). Vote according to one principle: one share = one vote


You can contribute/offer your expertise/skills by joining the Time for the Planet Action Galaxy

Time for the Planet: it is You !

You own a part of the company.