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First seed rounds underway in USA, total global estimate 500 million year one

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Submission date 1 de noviembre de 2021 Founders Andrew DuHamel Development location Toulouse, Francia

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What is the issue addressed?

Hydrogen Plasma Propulsion and Reformation is unlike anything currently deployed, it requires no outside energy source to convert seawater to Hydrogen can power automobiles, ships, aircrafts, etc

How is the problem solved?

Prototypes built and scale up investment is now required to change the face of energy transition. The devices are 100% green, no use of rare earth elements, can relieve famine through water shortages and provide power, clean effluent waste and extract H2/O2/H2O in one process.

What is the customer target?

Automobile, aerospace, maritime, domestic, emergency disaster relief.

How is this solution different?

A unique eclectic team of innovators immersed in many elements to solve todays energy issues across several sectors, be it Hydrogen through to removal of CO2 at high altitudes