We are the last generation that can do something regarding climate change.

We are fundraising 1 billion euros to create 100 companies fighting against global warming.


The way we use our money, defines the world we want to live in.

We are a non-profit company that creates and finances companies that fight global climate change.

Our findings

80% of the world's energy comes from fossil fuels
Which will lead to our planet heating by +2 to +7°C by the end of the century
And will bring with it catastrophic consequences for all of mankind: famine, climate refugees, geopolitical tension

We have identified

20 areas we need to act on in order to stop greenhouse gas emissions.

Increase the life span of goods, reuse and recycle

Produce, store and distribute carbon-free energy without critical resources

Construct passive, energy-positive buildings

Develop concrete strategies for energy renovation of buildings

Capture GHG emitted by power plants

Regenerate agricultural land

Our solution

use entrepreneurship to act quickly and globally.



1 billion euros


To create

100 companies


Who will find the solutions

in all 20 areas.

Each company has a mission


the capture of CO2 in factory chimneys

-6% of CO2 in the world

cement-free construction

-3% of CO2 in the world

the storage of solar power without rare metals

-22% of CO2 in the world

Now is not the time for competition but for cooperation.

The companies that Time for the Planet creates will follow the open source principle and share their discoveries publicly

When Time for the Planet creates a company

The idea will be replicated and improved on by others, creating dozens of other companies

Meaning the idea will still be there to help us in this fight, even if the original company fails.

Our companies must be profitable

to allow for the creation of other new companies.


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