We are the last generation able to save the planet.

We are fundraising 1 billion euros to create 100 companies fighting against the global warming.


The way we use our money, defines the world where we want to live.

Nous sommes une société à but non lucratif qui crée et finance des entreprises luttant à l’échelle mondiale contre le dérèglement climatique.

Small steps are not enought.

We are raising funds and builing entrepeurs team to create company to save the human kind.


To fight against Global warming, new solutions or existing one should be deployed quickly and massively in order to have a true impact.


The energy of entrepreneur should be 100% dedicated to save Mankind.


We invest in companies able to reduce Mankind impact on climate.

Without a radical & global economical & technological change, our civilisation will die.

6 examples of companies that we will create. Each one will have a fundamental impact on global warning

Stockage électricité par gravité

Mankind Energy

Electric Storage system without metal, a definitive alternative to fuel and all non renewable energy.

Capture of CO2 at the end of factory chimneys

Carbon Capture

Capture of CO2 at the end of the factory chimneys to bury it in the ground in a secure and sustainable way.

Stockage de données sur ADN

DNA Storage

Register digital datas on Sinthesis ADN.

Banque éthique

TP Bank

Bank dedicated to stabilize financial system. Bank with warranty of secure, rational & etical use of customers funds..

Maison impression 3D


3D Printing technologie.

Climatisation sans électricité


Cooling system without electricity.

Our Motivation: To save the planet.

Time for the planet will not distribute any dividend to his shareholders or managers. Our account will be public.

Benefits from the different companies will go to Time for the planet and will allow to create new companies.

We will succeed all together or we will failed.

Companies created by Time for the Planet will share all their developments: Open source principle.

Whatever discovery and development from our companies, will be public and massively shared even with our competitors. Mankind will be the winner whatever is the orign of a solution to climate change. It is not any more the moment to compete but to cooperate.

An idea, a question, you want to contribute financially ? you want to be involved ? Contact us !