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Time for the Planet does, too. Be part of our adventure from only 1€

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Taking massive action

Investing in a project which can change the world


Carrying out a mission for the world

Time for the Planet’s sole objective is to safeguard our planet. Our profits are dedicated to that cause, and that cause alone. None of our shareholders receive dividends.


Being really effective

Your money allows Time for the Planet to set up companies working to save the planet.


Being transparent

All our accounts are published. All our patents can be used by everyone … free of charge

How can you become a shareholder?

Our company, Time for the Planet is divided into a billion numbered shares. One share costs one euro.

You can purchase as many shares as you want, now or in the future (as long as there are any left to buy !)

Being we have any rights?

Votes rights

You will be able to vote or being candidate for the board, (decision structure for Time for the Planet). Vote according to one principle: one share = one vote


You can contribute/offer your expertise/skills by joining the Time for the Planet Action Galaxy

Time for the Planet: it is You !

You own a part of the company.

What do I get once I have bought shares ?


A certificate which tells you the number of shares you own. It will make a great decoration for your living room, and a neat conversation piece when your friends want to know what it is !


A Time for the Planet shareholder visiting card with your name on it that you can print (on recycled paper, naturally).


One or several badges to add to your certificate.

Find out all the badges you can collect.

Every action you carry out for Time for the Planet earns you a badge on your time for the planet profile (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)

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  • Formation of the scientific committee

    Finished on 2020-12-01
    Structure of Time
  • 10,000 shareholders

    Finished on 2021-01-08
  • Recruitment of the first employee

    Finished on 2021-02-01
    Structure of Time
  • 2 million euros raised

    Finished on 2021-02-08
  • the Action plan

    Keep an eye on how the project is advancing. Stage by stage, everything is constantly updated.

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    This week's top record Coralie Delion 3,000 shares purchased June 13, 2021
    Record 2021 Famille Leclercq 700,000 shares purchased April 12, 2021
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    Time for the Planet is the first « société à mission » (French B Corp equivalent) exclusively dedicated to safeguarding humanity. Our public shares offers are regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), more specifically article 212-44 of AMF general rules.

    We have written an Information summary , for the issue of new shares (those shares which you can buy on our website). This offer does not produce any document requiring an AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) visa.