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Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers’ /Fathers’ Day, Leaving Parties ...

No shortage of opportunities to give a surprise present with Time for the Planet shares. Your unexpected gift will convey meaning and commitment.

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When you give Time for the Planet shares, you give someone close to you the opportunity to work in favour of the climate and: :


Vote at the General Assemblies and choose the path we will follow.


As a shareholder, receive updates of all Time for the Planet news.


Create their Time for the Planet profile on our website and become part of our community.

What should I put in the gift box ?

First you buy shares in the name of the person you want to give them to.

You will then receive a printable card to show them how much you care.

We are strong together. Share the fight for the planet with your family and friends.

Give them a gift with a meaning, give them Time for the Planet shares.

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Time for the Planet is the first « société à mission » (French B Corp equivalent) exclusively dedicated to safeguarding humanity. Our public shares offers are regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), more specifically article 212-44 of AMF general rules.

We have written an Information summary , for the issue of new shares (those shares which you can buy on our website). This offer does not produce any document requiring an AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) visa.